Whirl-2-Know, a fast interactive amino acid looking-up chart

You ever have trouble to have a quick way to check up the genetic codons for your amino acid?

Or you just want have a chart that you could look up the details of certain amino acid?

Now, you can have them both!

In a fun way! With my Whirl-2-Know™ amino acid disc!! 

Download it and make one NOW!!!



Whirl-2-Know amino acid disc is a dialing disc that shows genetic codons on oneside, and a amino acid details chart on another side. When you revolve the dial to get the name of your amino acid in the orange window, you could see its features on the yellow window, and its structure, molecular weight, average mass and abbrevations (1&3 letters).

Yes! It’s just like the old time when you were a child. And you still can have the fun of that in your lab, your office or your molecular biology classes!!

You want one? OK, you can download them here. Just click  the 3 pictures below, and save the larger JPEG file to your computer and then print them out. Follow the instrucitions on them, you can assemble your own Whirl-2-Know disc!

Side ASide B Side C

*Click  thunmbnails to download

To assemble them, you’ll need:

A paper scicssor, knive and cutting board, glue, an awl to dirll the central hole, two cardboards that the paper you print could be glued on to make the disc robust, a snap-fastener to nail the cardboards together..

(1) print all 3 pages with A4 paper;
(2) align 3 pages using the 4 anchor crosses, then cut off the round disc simultaneously;
(3) according to the assembly diagram on this page, glue Side A & B on both sides of Cardboard 1 (Not provoded here), and glue Side C on Cardboard 2;
(4) cut off the white areas of side C with the cardboard you just glued on, so you can see through it to look at the AA details on Side B after assembly;
(5) use a snap fastener (NOT GLUE) to assemble these 2 cardboards together;
(6) test revolve several times, then enjoy!

    • su27
    • 七月 31st, 2009 10:19上午

    Chun Ge is pure man, steel blood real guy.

      • Shore
      • 七月 31st, 2009 12:17下午

      Who is Chun Ge?

    • Uranus
    • 八月 1st, 2009 10:20下午

    Wow! Interesting!! Shore!…other than some jargon. and…don’t say f— you, if i say i do not figure out what the ponit of revolving the the round cardboard is. is it for sort of decoding my genetic mystery? or just for fun? anyway, expedite your pace of research, you biologic whiz! give me immortality!

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