5th Global Summit of geoWHY Participants


With the honored purpose of the betterment of all creatures on our beloved planet, all geoWHY participants all over the world have come together to initiate the great discussion of a large set of subtle issues concerning each and every aspect of the fate of human kind, of course, accompanied with a humble refection at the famous restaurant of Sichuan Representative Office (Beijing). Hereby allow me, on the behalf of all other fine fellow geoWHYers, to extol hedgehog’s generous fully support to this summit in the financial terms.

After the that, all the participants were engaged with an ancient ritual as a divine ordeal of the purity and goodness within ourselves, although the ceremony reassemble the popular game of the Murder Game (杀人) in many ways.

All the experts from each and every nation and field believe that this summit, as well as its kind, was, is and will be a fantastic activity for the greater good of human beings, and, without any doubt, shall be held much more in frequency and intensity.

  1. 阿 我看不懂

    • hedgehog
    • 五月 4th, 2009 10:24上午


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    • su27
    • 五月 4th, 2009 4:01下午


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    • hghg
    • 五月 4th, 2009 6:12下午


    • Shore
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  4. 照片是竖着的不完整的。。。我这里看

  1. 还没有引用通告。