Fake SIM and Funny Bryan

Yesterday evening, studying in the library, Bryan got nothing to do and took my mobile, examined it like a North Korean police who had never seen such a device before. He turned it over and over again, trying to open the battery lid to do some kind of evil thing. Lich whispered me: "Look at that stupid, he may take it a calculator or something."

Indeed, Double B pressed the shortcut buttons on both sides simultaneously expecting the lid would open itself. He was totally like a monkey wearing clothes. Almost half an hour later, he succeed opening it, which enabled him to explore a broader universe -the battery and SIM card. This make-believe clever monkey learned fast, uninstalled the battery and the SIM card. Then he did something really funny.

He treated a piece of paper as her heartfelt lover, drew on and on, folded on and on. He made a REAL SIM card!! Which even could be installed smoothly into my phone!

Now, Monkeys can achieve this, it would be soon before the extinction of we Homo sapiens.

    • Bryan
    • 十二月 27th, 2007 10:49下午

    A monkey wearing clothes …
    so what you think you look like ?
    A make-believe clever monkey,
    and, naked.

  1. double b=2b?

    • Shore
    • 十二月 28th, 2007 10:28下午

    Nope, Double B=Bryan Bai, that’s 2 “B”s.
    You dig?

  1. 还没有引用通告。