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Could it be any shittier?

The apocalypse descends? The heaven bursts? The poets don’t rhyme any more? No matter what is going on here, things go nuts and crazy in my world today. You can call it a low RP or karma, but things are really really strange.

The doom started at noon, the cafeteria on campus. Seconds after I got a seat, I pour a full cup of hot chocolate on my pants and T-shirt, which felt well at first as it was warm, straining my clothes with special lunch camouflage. As I was having the lunch, the pants with the late-hot chocolate cool down, the extra warm turns into extra cold. Yeah, it gave me hard time in the Beijing late autumn wind, while, I didn’t give a f**k.

I decided to go back to the study room with this special chocolate flavor pants, considering nobody will notice this abstract painting. On the way back, when I was turning around the corner of the street aside the girls’ dormitory, an anti-Christ miracle happened. There was a girl’s sidewalk sale spot of accessories and my shoe or my chocolate pants, which is still a mystery now, hooked with the table cloth on the desk, dragging it away and every goods on it. Man! You should be there and enjoy the view. Luckily I have to admit, the girl was cool about this.

And I know something is going on today. I’d better to be more careful about what I do. The story is still far from ending.

Reading books in the study room, I still can smell the chocolate. Asked by a friend of time, I drag my cell phone out of my pocket. Yeah! Another unholy miracle: the screen displays ‘Invalid Battery ’ just where should show date and time. I rebooted the mobile and reloaded the battery for times, no thing happened. The battery was bought just this July in Guomei at 100 RMB, it just can not stop working like this. So I went to the shop, the clerk at the desk was very polite, but after checking the mobile and the battery, she said something cold with her professional smile. “Sorry sir, The warrant expired in late October. We cannot do any thing for you. Why don’t you check out our new models?” Ha! Perfect! With standard using protocol, I always recharge the battery with the phone other than chargers. It just dies weeks after its warrant expires! Are you kidding me? Then I turn the battery to the maintenance in the shop, the engineer there said the battery pack was still good, the problem just lays in the control circus, about which the can do nothing but recommend me with a new battery. Ok, OK… A typical capitalism trick to sell their shit! What can I do about it? I said “…Ok, give me a substituent for MOTO L7…”. “Sorry sir, we are out of stock. However, we accept advance booking.” SHIT! You recommend me with something you even don’t have? After cursing the battery manufacture, the shop and the clerk, still, I had to book one which is said to be available tomorrow afternoon with a subscription of 10 RMB.

Filled with wrath, I took a bus back to school. The short bus trip ended, but the wicked miracle never ends. The battery just went back online, just like nothing ever happened. Ah! A dilemma comes to me: go back and get my subscription back risking the battery go wild again, or buy a new battery risking the battery was just kidding me. At last, I did go back to the shop.

Back to the study room which I supposed to be when it was 1230 at 1500, I felt that nothing can make me fell better than mere a cup of water after these 3 hour’s pointless struggle. To make it more dramatic, the 4 water stations in the teaching building 9 were out of service, which was, honestly, not surprisingly any more.

By now the battery and everything else goes well, apart that something strange really happening: a person can be encountered with everywhere but study room joins our studying group.

Is it an end? I really doubt it, what will take place? Something wrong with the laptop I am typing, or I will be hit by a car? Guys, Gods, Goddesses, please bless me.

(The story below happened 1 hour later…)

Yes, the story doesn’t end. The strange person I mentioned before is a part of the conspiracy. Minutes after her arrival, she took off, leaving her bag to us to look after for her. She also texted us “Make sure nothing happens to my bag, important items inside…” When it was late, we wanted to leave for dinner, however, no sign of her returning. We texted her, phoned her and we got no responding…

What we can do was endless waiting. Isn’t the world a little lovely one?

Anyway, the reason we are brought to this world is to enjoy, not to complain. We should always find the fun side of the world and try out best to adapt it and then change it, if we can. Complaining leads us no where as people before us have done it much more and much better by the means of fictions, essays, movies, poets and other creations. Whatsoever, I am still not cool with what’s happening today. I still want to say…

“Could it be any shittier?”