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Yeah, My First Marcel!


:本篇内容是从本人一个现在已经废弃的古代博客上导入来的,文中含有大量脑残的正太语气和正太观点,与本人相差较多,请读者自行鉴别。囧….. _____________________________________________________________________________
Note: This article, imported from an ancient blog of mine, may contain naive and stupid thought and language, which differs from me in every aspect. Please be advised.

A friend gave me a 50% off coupon of a barber shop, mean while,

I was just going to have my hair cut. so I just went the shop that I would never

step in as usual.

the barber was skillful and creative, he recommend me to do a marcel. I agreed.

it was not busy, so nearly all the barbers came to help him do my marcel. it was fun, and felt good.

as the first time, it was not made very heavy.and the barber advised me to use gel. maybe I will

a little change, a little cool. and I like it just a little. But it really feels different!

so, a brand-new hair-do to me, maybe a new start point for my life.